Wireless Emergency Lighting Monitoring System - Welco Mesh

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Regular system checks should be performed to ensure that the emergency lighting system is fully operational. It is mandatory for building management to routinely test emergency lighting, keep detailed records and present it to the relevant authorities when necessary. Emergency lighting monitoring systems constantly monitor all products connected to the system from a center, perform periodic tests automatically and report them. Thus, in case of emergency such as possible earthquake or fire, information is sent to the relevant manager to take the necessary precautions to ensure the smooth operation of the products.


WELCO Mesh is our wireless system solution that allows the status of our emergency lighting products to be monitored via the panel. Each emergency lighting contains a wireless communication module. For installation, it is sufficient to simply connect the emergency lighting to the mains. Products configured during production will automatically communicate
with the panel via the router after being energized after installation. 

• Wireless is based on mesh topology.
• It does not require extra wiring costs and labor for installation.
• Testing can be done and reported at any time.
• With mesh topology, effective use of resources is ensured without the need for additional hardware.
• Function and duration tests of the products are carried out periodically.
• Testing and reporting are carried out automatically and notifications can be made by e-mail.


• Ease of controlling all system details on a single screen
• Possibility of testing individually or in groups
• Ability to display and monitor products based on router
• Ease of dividing products into groups and including them in an automatic test plan
• Ability to track faulty products with all their details on a single tab
• Ability to monitor all system details as a colorful graphical interface on the main screen
• Showing the battery, LED and test status of emergency lighting products in a list
• Scheduling and automatic execution of periodic function and duration tests
• Create test report with date and time stamp
• Obtaining detailed test reports


• Ability to display and monitor fields on the map base (reguired internet)
• Ability to divide fields into buildings and floors
• Ability to monitor emergency lighting products via floor plan
• Ability to monitor different fields and components as a tree branch structure in the same interface
• Displaying battery, LED and test status of emergency lighting products with user-friendly icons
• Scheduling periodic function and duration tests
• Possibility of remote testing with one click
• Create test report with date and time stamp
• Obtaining detailed test reports


Thanks to the WELCO Mesh system developed by Beş A, you can easily install the system without the need for extra cabling or external hardware. Thanks to mesh technology, it becomes very easy to establish wireless networks and expand networks. Since there is no need for additional cabling, the conversion of old systems to automation becomes very easy. With the WELCO Mesh system, you can also access many information about the products, such as fault status and test history, by entering your username and password via the web browsers of your computer, tablet or smartphone, over the same network or remotely.

• The status and test history of emergency lighting products can be accessed from the Management Panel.
• The network can be expanded by providing data transfer through products mesh.
• Test results are automatically sent to the e-mail address you specify by the panel.
• The real-time status of the products is monitored in full detail.
• Test reports can be easily tracked according to the product’s fault type or location information.
• The system is designed to manage wireless emergency lighting products via wireless Mesh Router products connected to a panel.
• Communication between the Panel and the Router takes place via RS485. A maximum of 16 router connections can be made to one panel.