Wired Emergency Lighting Monitoring System - Elco





Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is an open communication protocol developed by the leading producers in the
lighting industry and is defined in international IEC 62386 technical standard.
DALI protocol, which was developed for controllable lighting ballasts at the beginning, includes many smart lighting
technologies at the moment and requirements for Emergency Lighting is included in scope of the standard. It provides
maximum flexibility and easiness for system designers, project/installation/montage firms and final users and a very
secure and stable communication platform for emergency lighting for monitoring emergency lights in compliance with the
Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings and EN / IEC 50172 Standard.
As an active member of DALI organization, Beş A designs and manufactures DALI compliant emergency lighting products
and systems.
In our R&D laboratory, original circuit designs and embedded software are developed for DALI compliant emergency
lightings units and emergency exit luminaires. With using new technologies; our product family which we manufacture in
our facilities is further expanded. Beş A, as a member of the DiiA organization regulates DALI standards, warrants the DALI
compliance of its products with the ProbitLab - DALI Tester in its R & D Laboratory. Beş A, as a member of DiiA, it applies
the DALI logo to its products that pass all tests successfully.



ELCO is our wired monitoring system solution that allows you to monitor status of DALI compatible emergency lighting products via router and touch screen panel developed by Beş A.

• Central monitoring via touch screen control panel
• Addressable emergency lighting system according to EN and IEC standards
• Instant or periodic functional and duration tests
• Control software for testing, reporting and recording test reports
• Password protected user interface
• Omnidirectional and 2-wired standard DALI data bus cabling


• RTC (Real Time Clock)
• 7 inch touch screen
• 1x RJ45 Ethernet : TCP/IP Internet
• 1x RS485 input: for 16 x DALI Router connection (max. 2048 DALI compliant emergency lighting device)
• 230VAC 50/60 Hz
• Functional and duration tests of DALI compliant emergency lighting devices
• Status Monitoring of battery and LED lamp
• Reporting and recording test results

• 2x Outputs: Max. 128 x DALI compliant emergency lighting device connection
• 1x RS485 input: For connection of touch screen control panel
• 230VAC 50/60Hz