Wireless Emergency Lighting Monitoring System - Welco


Regular system controls must be done in order to ensure that any emergency lighting system is in a completely working
condition. Building managements must provide routine tests of emergency lighting , keep their records and show them to
the relevant authorities when necessary.
Emergency lighting monitoring systems monitor connected emergency lighting products and systems continuously, make
automated periodic tests and report. Thus, information about working condition of the products in emergency cases such
as earthquake, fire, etc. is sent to building management.


Welco is our wireless system solution that allows you to monitor the status of our emergency lighting products via the internet
Each emergency lighting includes a wireless communication module with Wi-Fi technology that proved itself in wireless communication. It is enough just to connect emergency lighting to 230V city mains.

• Wireless , Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and cloud based.
• It does not need extra cost and workmanship for cabling.
• It can be tested and reported from everywhere of the world on demanded time.
• Efficient use of resources is provided by evaluating the existing wi-fi substructure.
• Periodic function and duration tests of products are carried out on a routine basis.
• It is possible to provide test and reporting as services when needed.



• Easy to control via single software
• Remote testing with a single click
• Ability to display and monitor areas on map
• Ability to distinguish areas as buildings and floors
• Monitoring Emergency Lighting on floor plans
• Monitoring all areas and components in the same interface as a tree branch structure
• Displaying battery, test, lamp etc. conditions of emergency lighting with user friendly icons
• Defining timing of function and period tests and carrying out tests automatically on time
• Generating test reports with date and time stamps
• Taking detailed test reports as excel files


With WELCO cloud monitoring system developed by Beş A, you can access many information such as failure status, test history of your emergency lights, from anywhere you have internet connection by entering your user name and password via a web browser with your computer, tablet or smartphone.
• Test status and history of emergency lighting devices can be accessed over internet without physically visiting any panel.
• Products can be monitored and managed from a single point, even if they are at different geographical locations.
• Alerts, such as test fails, are automatically sent to the e-mail address you have defined.
• The real-time status of the products is monitored in groups or individually.
• Test reports can be downloaded in excel format, where products are easily filtered according to the failure types or location based, and shared with the technical service.